Tips to choose the best luxury towel for your family

Tips to choose the best bath towel for your family. Luxury Towels. Wrapping yourself up in a luxury towel makes you feel fulfilled. A bath towel is crucial as we use it every day. However, not all of us only focus on designs and styles offered in sheets without considering the quality of fabrics.

Choosing the most suitable bath towel will depend on your preferences. Thick or thin? It is all up to you. The best towel lasts for five to ten years or even more. Therefore, here are some factors you need to consider when selecting the ideal luxury towel for your family members:

Cotton is the most common fabric used for towels. There are two popular types of cloth: Egyptian Cotton and Turkish Cotton. The former is thicker than the latter and absorbs more moisture. People love luxury towels made from Egyptian Cotton because of the fabric’s fluffiness and softness.

While Turkish Cotton is plush but absorbs less than Egyptian Cotton. Moreover, Turkish Cotton dries quickly and pushes water into your skin, making you feel fresh after bathing.

Which one is better? Again, there is no right or wrong. Both fabrics are great. It is up to your choice.

Towels come in various sizes. The ideal size of a standard bathing towel is 27×52. A bath sheet is a bit larger ( 35×60), allowing you to wrap yourself fully.
GSM (Grams per square meter) is a standard measurement used for fabrics. The perfect weight for towels is around 400 or more.
Machine washable or not?
All towels are usually machine washable. Still, you need to read instructions carefully about the product you buy. Tumble dry is the most recommended method to maintain the quality of your towel. Avoid contact with cleaning products such as bleach as it will damage your luxury towel’s fabrics.…