The imperative point to consider is whether your claim is valid or not. This is both important to you as a client and your legal representative. This will determine if the case is worth pursuing and if there is a chance of success. An important step taken by a lawyer before pursuing your claim is, understanding the case. He or she would try to see whether your case falls under the category of negligence. Otherwise, it may very well be grouped as a complaint. You can also go through Been Let Down for more information.

The important step is, understanding what negligence is. Negligence is defined as the conduct which “falls below the standards of behaviour established by the law for the security of others against unreasonable risk or harm.” This statement leaves both you and the solicitor with the opportunity to prove whether this claim is true. If there are evidence and logical reasoning which establishes that your attorney or any other legal advisor has not given advice or taken some step, which has led to you suffering some kind loss, you can have a case for negligence.

How to claim negligence of a solicitor?

A solicitor is a person who has legal knowledge. An individual without proper knowledge and experience may very well be the victim of ignorance.  So it is important to consider another legal representative. If your solicitor was associated with a law firm, their terms and conditions leave you the opportunity to file a complaint with the company. This is why many of these firms have a conditional fee agreement, which translates to, “No win, no fee.” It is wise to hire a solicitor who is sensitive to the client’s situation.